web design, c#, sql, html, css, javascript, testing


Hi there, I'm Tim Marsh. I am a 26 year old web developer from Essex.
I work as a junior developer in the Research and Development team for Assima developing cloud software for major clients.

The internet is a huge place and I always knew i wanted to be part of it. I have always been fasinated with how everyone always has a different take on how to do a task and how they express their way on websites.
I love what i do and i am always learning new things and evolving my skill set.

I currently am concentrating on front end development and I am learning invaluable skills and techniques in Javascript and CSS.
I am available for projects in my spare time. Please get in contact if you require anything and no job is too small.

What I do

Core Languages Operating Systems
C# Windows
Javascript iOS
SQL Linux - Fedorra, Suse, Sebian

Have some experience with
XML Virtual Machines
Unit Testing Test Driven Development
Photoshop In Design
JQuery Flash
Java Java 3D

What i am currently working on

A cloud based collaborative, community-enabled content management platform. The application which is called Vimago and is the first stage in a three part cloud platform.

My availability

I currently work full time of Assima in the City of London. I am available for freelance work, and I have taken on projects in my own time. I would work on anything you require however this would be during evenings and weekends.


Other than being a massive geek i do have loads of interests. One of my favorites is actually running which I do about 3 times a week, not only does it improve fitness it also gets me out in the open.

Im also a massive fan of movies and tv shows, im currently watching the latest episodes of Arrow, Elementary, Grimm, Scandal and loads more.